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Mrs. Tulah's Classes for Wed.3/1

History of the World

Complete the questions for 18.5, read the rest of the chapter and either take notes(10) or do the questions for 18.6. For extra credit you can do both the notes and 18.6. Be studying the vocabulary page that was sent home last week. I will send the rest of it home on Thursday. Our test over chapter 18 will be next Tuesday.

New World History

Take the states and capitals quiz. Parents please sign stating the students took the quiz without any help. Complete the questions for G and H on page 285 and map page 75. The students should have the Chapter Review that they have already completed to begin studying for our test next Tuesday.


Read pages 331-333 and complete the vocabulary page. It would be helpful if you read ahead so you don't have so much reading this weekend.

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