Mrs. Tulah's Classes -HW due 11/1

I pray everyone is healthy and well by the time we come back together. I am just going to give you all of the work that is due next Tuesday. You can divide it into the 4 school days or finish it all at once. Just be sure to have it ready to be checked on Tuesday. If anyone needs to ask me a question please text me @ (229)-322-8247.

History of the World

Read chapter 9, answer Section Review questions 9.1,9.2(1-5), & 9.3. Complete the vocabulary for People and Terms from the end of the chapter. Be sure to write the vocabulary word and the definition. Memorize Mark 16:15. If you take notes it will be counted as extra credit.

New World History

Complete map pages 27, 28, 29, and 31.

Read chapter 6 and complete each Comprehension Check. (A, B, C, D, E , and F)


Read chapter 7 and complete the open book quizzes. If you were out I can get a copy of the quizzes to you Friday at basketball or I can text you a picture to print off. Also, email me your paper at

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