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Mrs. Tulah's History and Health 9/2

It is hard to believe we have already been in school for almost a month. The personality of each of my classes has taken shape. We are diving into our history classes and have already covered all 11 of the body's systems in health. Most of my students have settled into a routine, but some have already decided not to do their weekend homework. I do not usually assign homework on Tuesday and Wednesday (unless classwork wasn't finished), but the students will always have homework on Thursday. I am not chasing homework down this year, so if you decide not to do it I won't nag you until you turn it in. Instead, your grade will suffer from missing assignments. However, if you are trying your best and studying for tests I will be your biggest advocate and help you succeed anyway I can.

History of the World

Complete the vocabulary at the end of chapter 3. We will have our first test over chapters 1-3 next Thursday 9/8. Please do not wait until Tuesday to study... there is too much information. We have gone through each of the chapter vocabulary sections and marked what will be on the test. There is also a map section on the test that combines the maps from chapter 1 and 2 so be sure to study those. We will spend Tuesday and part of Wednesday reviewing for the test, but DO NOT wait to study. If you have not recited Genesis 1:1-3 for me be prepared to do so on Tuesday.

New World History

Study for Test 1 on Tuesday, 9/6 over chapters 1 & 2. We reviewed for the test in class. If the students use the chapter review as a study guide it covers everything on the test. Be sure to study the maps on pages 340-343, we have been going over these daily in class. The students will also recite The American's Creed that we have been reviewing daily on Wednesday. However, if they say it Tuesday they can have 5 bonus points.


Work on your Google Slide presentation (due next Wed) and finish the handout from Wednesday over chapter 2 vocabulary. The slide presentation needs to be 6 slides (minimum) and cover your 2 assigned body systems. It will be easiest to take your notes and know what information you are going to include before you begin trying to complete the slides. Thursday only 1 student was prepared with what they needed to include and they were able to get a lot more done. The rest of us figured out how to use Google Slides and got started on the first 2 slides. The slides should contain the basic components of your system ( with or without pictures) , the basic functions of your system, and possible problems with your system. Remember you can use bullets instead of paragraph form and don't plagiarize. Use at least 2 resources. Since this is the first experience with a computer presentation for most of the students the grading rubric will be very basic. When you are finished email your presentation to me at . That way the students don't need to bring their computers back for the presentations.

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