Mrs. Tulah's HW for 10/21-10/25

I hope everyone enjoyed their Fall Break. The weather was absolutely beautiful.

World History

Finish reading and taking notes for pages 84-87. Complete the vocabulary People, Places, & Terms. Quiz on Tuesday over the chapter. Study the vocabulary we circled for the quiz. If you were absent study People 1,3,4,6,7,9,11,13,15,16, Places 2,4,5, and Terms 4, 5. Also know how many eyewitnesses Jesus had after his resurrection, what the persecution of the church did for the church, what marked the end of ancient times (p.87), and who the Germans were descendants of.

New World History

Map pages 19 and 23. End of chapter review page 70 (all). Map page 25 for extra credit. The students worked on all of this during class, so please make sure they have finished it all. We will take a quiz over chapter 5 on Tuesday.

Know the following map locations Rio de la Plata, Arkansas R., Missouri R., Yukon R., Yucatan Peninsula, Atacama Desert, Victoria Island, Baja California, Great Bear Lake, Columbia R., Ohio R., and St. Lawrence R.

Also know about the Badlands, Gulf Stream, Blackfoot, General Custer, Little Bighorn, and Sitting Bull.


Write a 1-2 page paper on your assigned noninfectious disease. Include an introduction paragraph, and your information sources. Please include the cause of your disease, treatments, affects on the body, and any other relevant information.

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