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New World History- 9/23

I posted separately today so you can refer back to this post for your projects.

There is a test over chapter 3 on Wed. We have completed the Chapter Review which acts as a study guide. I printed off a page with most of the review for them to use if someone is helping them study. We did not recite The Declaration this week, everyone will be expected to recite it on Tuesday, 9/27. The students also need to study Map Mastery 4 (pg. 363), we have been practicing these daily in class.

Native American Project due 10/4

Each student was assigned a Native American tribe that they will be doing a project on.

The students will do a Diorama or

a model home with a visual aid to display.

A short paper telling about their Native American Tribe and a map of their Region. The paper should include the time period that your tribe was here. Be sure to put everything in your own words. DO NOT PLAGIARIZE.

Things to be included:

3 Fun facts- these can be in the paper or in your diorama.

Food- Did they hunt or farm? What did they eat? Who cooked, hunted, or farmed?

Homes-What were they called? What were they made of? Was the tribe nomadic (moved to follow food) or stable?

Clothes- What kind of clothes did the tribe wear? Did men/women dress differently?

Region- What region of the New World did the tribe live in? What was the environment? (plains, mountains, forest, polar, etc.)

Ceremonies/Traditions/Religion- Were there traditions or ceremonies for weddings, births, young men, etc.?

Art-Did it tell stories? What was art displayed on?

Be creative but do your own work. Parents you can help with the research on the internet and hot glue guns if used, but please let this be a project made by the students.

If they do a diorama each of these should be included in that. For example, mittens for the Eskimos or a palmetto skirt for the Seminole. A teepee for the Sioux.

If you choose to only make a model house then you must have a poster board or other visual aid with pictures of the other items.

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