Oct 7 Geometry

Today (Oct 7) is Bring Your Bible to school day so thank you to those students who shared their favorite Bible verse with the class today. MAJOR extra credit for you.

The laws of nature are but the mathematical thoughts of God. -Euclid of Alexandria

Friday‘s assignment:

A) Attempt the Oh Boy Perplexor. I found this Perplexor worksheet to be much easier than our last one. See attached image.

B) Start writing the 12 postulates posted here as well. Typing is OK but writing is better for memorization.

Monday’s assignment (challenge):

Complete 8D and write any remaining postulates.

**Be aware the diagram shown on 8D uses alpha and numeric angle names-don’t let these mixed angle names stump you.**


Alternate Interior Angles are congruent.

Triangles have a total of 180°.

Angles a and g are congruent.

#19-note the word ‘pair’.

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