Old World History

This class is a great group of students! We are going to have fun exploring history together!

Due August 31

  • Study the "American's Creed"

  • Label the map on Map book page 5, practice locating the oceans and continents, and read the facts from pg. 327-328

  • Complete Quiz 2 (open book)

  • Read "How Archaeologists Study History" pg. 16-17 and pg.18-20

  • Build a Ziggurat or pyramid to bring in to class. I have had them made out of all kinds of things. Some were made out of Little Debbie cakes, Rice Krispies, cake, legos, clay, cardboard, etc.

  • Chapter 2 Checkup A (there is nothing to write for this it is simply studying the locations on the map)

  • Chapter 2 Checkup B (can be written on note cards) & C

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