Old World History

The students did a fantastic job on their American's Creed! We are now memorizing the beginning of The Declaration of Independence.

For this weekend complete section C & E from Chapter 3 Checkup on page 45-46. Read pages 35-38 and answer the questions on page 38 Comprehension Check E.

The students have been assigned an ancient civilization that they will look information up on and complete a project to present to the class on October 12. I will be passing out pages for the students to take notes on next week that includes everything they will need to research. The students will create a book or a diorama box to share with the class.

  • Geography- Where were they located? What is that place called today? Include a map

  • Time Period- When did they become a civilization and when did they fall?

  • Beliefs- What kind of religion or worship did they practice?

  • Technology/Contributions- What advancements did they have for their time period... calendar, irrigation, buildings, roads, chariots? Did they have any major contributions to the world at their time or any lasting contributions?

  • Writing/Art/Architecture

  • 3 fun facts

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