Old World History-4/29

The count down is on! We will finish our book in the next week or so. Way to go!

Complete B, C, D, E and F from the end of the chapter. We started on B in class. This will count as their test for this chapter, so please make sure it is completed. Keep studying the presidents. They will be recited for a grade Tuesday, May 10.

Last project of the year due May 10. Cereal box president project.

Stormy- Thomas Jefferson

Doni- Donald Trump

Emma- George W. Bush

Ashlee- George Washington

Levi- John F. Kennedy

Colten- Ronald Reagan

Rainee- Theodore Roosevelt

Brooklynn- Franklin D. Roosevelt

Cali- Thomas Jefferson

Ezra- Abraham Lincoln

Isabelle- Joe Biden

Front of the Box- Give it a Title (ex. Jimmy Carter Oats), picture, political party

Back of the Box- Short biography of the president include any major accomplishments or events during the presidency

Right side- Personal information (Parents, spouse, children, hometown, education, etc.)

Left side- 3 Fun facts

Top- Presidential term and number of the president

Bottom- Your opinion of the president

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