Old World History & Geography

I am so excited about this great group of students! We have a busy year ahead memorizing famous American documents, learning about the Old World, and learning where all of these fascinating places are. Each Friday I will post the assignments that will be due the following Tuesday on our chesstifton.com website. I do not usually assign homework during the week. However, if a student doesn't finish the classwork from any given day they will be expected to complete that at home.

Due August 24

Practice reading the American's Creed from page 244. We are reading it in class each day, but the students will need to practice at home too. This is the first document we are memorizing. The students will be reciting this from memory on September 14.

Review the Geography Facts 1 from page 326. The students should know the shape, diameter, and circumference of the earth for our quiz.

Complete the Chapter 1 Checkup A, B, & C on page 9. We did a few of the definitions together in class so the students would know how to look them up.

*Extra Credit* Complete the Comprehension Check 1C

STUDY! STUDY! STUDY! for a 10 question quiz on Tuesday. Parents if you put the chapter review onto note cards this makes studying for the quizzes and tests much easier. The chapter questions and end of the chapter sections will serve as the study guide for the tests.

Our first project ( I do not assign many) is due August 31. Each student will build a 3d Ziggurat or pyramid. Each student needs to be thinking about what they want to build their Ziggurat/pyramid out of. In the past they have been made out of all sorts of things like clay, cardboard, popsicle sticks, legos, and my favorite edible ones. Someone even used Little Debbie cakes one year. Please use what you have available as this is not meant to be expensive, but fun.

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