Physical Science

10/7/22 Weekend Homework

Write a rough draft of your hypothesis statement for your science fair project. Remember this will be an "If.....Then" type of statement. For example if I was going to test which type of water helps plants grow faster and I felt like rainwater was going to help plants grow faster then my Hypothesis would read as follows:

I believe if I compare the effects of different types of water such as bottled water, tap water or rain water on the growth rate of my tomato plant then I will find that the plant height will grow at a faster rate when watered with the caught rainwater rather than the other two types of water because the rainwater will be devoid of the additional chemicals that are found in the other types of water being tested.

Do you see how the hypothesis states what I am trying to prove but also gives a reason why I think my hypothesis will be correct. It is more than just a "guess". You have to have reason and research behind it. Why do you think it is going to happen? This will be the springboard for where you go in your research so that is why it is important to get your hypothesis detailed from the beginning.

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