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Physical Science

10/25/22 Work for the week

Make sure you have read ALL of Module 3 and have taken notes as you read. You will turn in the notes for each section on Tuesday. Begin studying your vocabulary words that you defined last week. Your vocabulary test will be on Thursday, 11/3/22 so be sure to go ahead an make note cards and review your words and definitions at least 5 minutes each day.

Your project while you are home is to build a 3-D atomic model. Follow the directions found on page 98-99. You only have to pick ONE isotope atom out of the chart on pg 99 to build. Remember if the atomic number is 7 then that means it has 7 protons and 7 electrons and the number of neutrons will determine the mass number NOT the atomic number. You will bring in your model on Tuesday, November 1, 2022 and the class will have to decide the name of your atom based off your model. Do not stress on getting the exact materials that are called for. Use what you can find - mix up colors of pipe cleaners. Be creative in building your model!!!

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