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Pre-Algebra Due Feb 7

Check the website Tuesday to see If I post that I sent a letter home that will need to be signed and returned on Wednesday.

I came down pretty hard on this class today. They are "stuck" on fractions and exponents. If they had Mrs. Amy Jenkins in the past, then I KNOW they were taught. They are in 8th grade. Fractions should NOT be a problem at this point. And we have been working on exponents since the first of the school year. I see little or NO improvement on either.

It seems they don't take this class seriously. (there are some that do and give me their very best, and I applaud you!!!) I will turn my back to them to write on the board to explain. When I turn around, I see heads quickly turning my way...meaning their head was turned around during my writing/explaining. This HAS to stop.

I cannot spend anymore time "teaching" something they should know. I recommend You Tube math videos as a supplement (not as a replacement). A supplement that will strengthen any weaknesses in math.

We are having a test on adding and subtracting fractions as well as multiplying/dividing exponents with the same bases on Tuesday, Feb 7. I'm putting it on them to review and prepare. I am not being unreasonable. I just want them to get very serious about this class.......These concepts are very important for future Algebra classes!!!

Weekend homework:

p 239 16-39 all

Worksheet packet

Study fractions and exponents

They should have plenty of exponent sheets in past homework packets.....

I've added a couple of links on exponents. this is ONLY an example of what they need to look up...

These are only two examples of You Tube videos. It will give them some idea of what to google. I have been over this soooooooo many times.

Multiplying exponents with like bases

Dividing exponents with like bases

I’ll be honest, I’m having a hard time finding basic YouTube videos on negative exponents that they need….the problems start off way over their head. I KNOW I have taught this. They need to check previous homework sheets. Encourage your child to listen better in class. They should alllll pass this test on exponents and fractions on Tuesday.

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