Pre Algebra Due Nov 8

There is a worksheet of 20 problems due Nov 8. I explained to the class that they need to show their work of how they checked it. If not, they will miss one half of every problem. and make a 50 (yes, even if the answer is correct. Part of the instruction is to PLUG IT IN!). If they "plug in" their answer into the original equation, it will be a true statement. If it is NOT a true statement, they need to rework the problem!!! There is NO reason for them to make less than a 100. THEY CAN CHECK THEIR ANSWERS and KNOW if their answer is correct.

There will be NO correcting this paper. I will deduct for every day that the paper is late. Scan and email or text if your child needs to be absent.

In saying all of that, we do have homework out of the book:

p 139 #2-40 even

P 143 #2-30 even

Have a great weekend!

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