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Pre-Algebra. Feb 23

I realize you have a lot of homework. I am adding some more to it. I am posting websites about our lesson today. Most of you neeeeeeed this. Watch the videos....all of them.... Pay attention! Pause the videos, work the problems then see if your answer is correct. I expect to see the work in class. You WILL see them again on Tuesday. There will be a quiz on the problems from the video. All of you neeeeed to WORK on this. I do take teaching seriously. I will not care more about your grades than you do. Math requires practice, practice, practice and more practice. I honestly love each of you and want to push you to your full potential. It's MORE than just a math grade.

The homework packet is due Feb 28. No excuses. My new rule still stands. If you don't understand something, contact me via text. (229) 256-1252. BUT, don't wait until late Monday to contact me. And don't just write down guesses. I'll still give a zero. Then, the most you can make will be a 50. ALLLLLL of you have access to technology....even if it's through your parents!

The links are numbered. I want to see the #1 video problems work under #1 on your paper. The same for the rest of the videos. I am NOT going to search unorganized papers for the problems and answers.

You have the beauty of pausing the video and rewinding it until you totally understand what is said. NO excuses on this one.

I do hope each of you have a great weekend!!!

1) .

2) .

I don't like the way she worked problems 3 and 4. Work it like we did in class. I showed you the way she worked them and all of you agreed it was confusing. SOOOOOO, again, work it like we did in class. Don't get bogged down on figuring out her way!!!

3) .

4) .

He calls the percent "RATE". He calls the whole "TOTAL". The Part is still called "PART." DO NOT let that confuse you! The problems are still worked out the same way!

There are 15 total problems on the videos.

I want to see ORGANIZED notes!!!

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