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U.S. History 10/20/23

Weekend Assignment:

I want you to write an essay (at least 5 paragraphs) about the events, policies and concerns that led up to the American Revolution. You can choose to write this paper from the perspective of a British citizen, Parliament member, King etc or from the perspective of a regular colonist, member of the Sons of Liberty, Author or printer, Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, etc.

You can focus on a specific event and it's effects (i.e. the Boston massacre) or you can just look at the general happenings.

What could have been done to prevent the War for Independence?

Was the war inevitable from your person's perspective?

If compromises would have helped, what compromises should have happened?

You can write the essay in the form of a letter (like Sarah on Liberty Kids) or you can write it like a Diary/Journal Entry or in the form of a newspaper article or pamphlet. You have lots of freedom with this assignment so please be creative.

Must be typed in 12 point font and double spaced to turn in on Tuesday.

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