We will never forget...Sept 11,2001

Creative Writing

Work on your 4-page short story about your Father...Don't forget to find out the names of his parents and grandparents so that they can be a part of the story. Remember the alien woman is green. but beautiful. Use as much dialogue as you can...Have a good time with this story!

The Bible as Literature

Finish your reading assignment in "Man's Search for Meaning" Please excuse me but it is Thursday afternoon and hot and I am tired and I absolutly cannot remember if I assigned anything else. Please pray on Saturday for the all the innocent people who died when the Twin Towers were hit and then fell. GOD BLESS THE U S A...


Everyone needs to be seated and quiet when I come into the room. Thank all of you for being such good students. Writers, I can see some good writing begining to emerge...I believe that you will be glad you took this class

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