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Welcome back!!

I can't believe school has already started back, much less we have finished the first week. I am going to try something new this year. I will post all of my classes in one post separated by their grades/subjects. I will only post on the website each Friday. I plan to send home a letter next week that explains my expectations for your student throughout the school year. I look forward to a great year! I will also set up a GroupMe for each class. This allows me to post anything from the week and you to ask any questions.

All parents please send me your name and number to be included in the class GroupMe. When I first add your number you must respond with an emoji to continue to receive the messages.

7th/8th World History

Memorize Genesis 1:1-3 to recite by Aug. 30.

Complete the Chapter 1 Review on page 7. This will be for a completion grade. If they did not finish the Concepts to Consider in class they need to finish those questions as well. Quiz on Tuesday.

5th/6th New World History

We are memorizing The American's Creed on page 376. We will practice this in class for several weeks before the students recite it to me on Sept. 7. It helps if they are also practicing it at home by reading it once or twice a day. We start by reading it and work our way to reciting it without looking at the book.

Complete Chapter 1 Checkup B, C, and D

Maps and Activities page 1 Label and color using the world map on pg. 340


Finish the worksheets from class. Choose 4 Explain and 1 Discuss on page 24 to complete. You are in high-school please use complete sentences and answer the questions thoroughly.

Go for a walk or engage in some other physical activity for at least 30 minutes. Write down what you did on your paper with the questions.

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