World Literature

April 7, 2022

I could not be happier with how Our Town is coming along. I hope you are enjoying it, but also learning. The writing style can be considered “dry” or “boring.” Some might say that it can be depressing, but the message behind the play is anything but!


Pull out that photograph that I asked you to find. You are going to write a memoir from this picture. This will be a verbal “snapshot“ of that moment in time. It needs to be about a half to, no longer than, one page. Memoirs are memories recorded in first person. They are honest accounts of what was going on? How it made you feel? What you learned? Or, anything else that comes to mind. Think about if you were telling the story to someone, what would you say? How would you tell it? Write that! Write how you would tell me the story. Make sure to include the picture with your story.


Commas: Do 16-5 and 16-6. Read Commas to Separate on page 328 and do 16-7.

You MUST have a good weekend! Enjoy each moment! Think about how many minutes you have this weekend and do not waste ANY!


Mrs. Lynn


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