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Dona Lord

Dona Lord

Age: 44

Family: I have been married for almost 25 years to my husband, Bob. We have been blessed with six children ranging in age from 23 to 7 as well as a son-in-law and daughter-in-law.

Pets: We have a cocker spaniel named Mazie.

Hobbies: I enjoy reading, going to the gym, hiking, and playing games with family.

I'm curious about: I'm curious about how the Lord will work in the lives of my children. It's been such a blessing to have a front row seat as some have launched and started to make their way in the world.

I'm pretty good at: I'm pretty good at incorporating books into homeschooling. My older kids and I still talk about the great read alouds from when they were growing up. Currently, I am enjoying sharing classic children's literature with some of the kids at Chess.

I want to learn how to: I want to learn how to grow my own vegetables in raised beds.

When I was young, my favorite subject was: Reading

My favorite scripture verse is: "In my distress I cried unto the Lord; and he heard me." Psalm 120:1 KJV

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