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Grace for the Strong-Willed Child
Tutors in Ty Ty

Amy O’ Quinn 

  • 3rd/4th grade Language Arts

  • 5th/6th grade Language Arts 

  • High School American Literature

Aimee Jenkins

  • 3rd grade Math

  • 8th grade Pre-Algebra

Katie Douglas

  • 4th grade Math

  • 5th grade American History

Dawn Lyles

  • 6th grade American History

  • 7th/8th grade US History

  • High School Government

Brandi Smith

  • 7th/8th grade Literature

  • 9th/10th grade World Literature

Monique Jackson

  • 3rd/4th grade History

  • High School Consumer Math

Debbie Free

  • 3rd/4th grade Ocean Science

  • 5th/6th grade Ocean Science

  • 7th grade Chemistry/Physics

  • 8th grade Physical Science

Amy Marchant

  • 5th grade math

  • 6th grade math

  • 7th grade math

Christi Evans

  • High School United States History

  • High School Physical Science

Amy Maves

  • High School Chemistry

  • High School Biology

Linda Bell

  • High School Algebra I

  • High School Algebra II

  • High School Geometry

Tutors in Fitzgerald

Dona Lord

  • K English, Reading, History, Science

  • 2nd grade Reading

Mengmeng Stubbs

  • K Math

  • 2nd grade Math

Melanie Partlow

  • 2nd grade Science

  • 5th grade Science

  • 7th grade Pre-Algebra

  • 11th grade Pre-Calculus

Kynnette James

  • 2nd grade English

  • 5th/7th/8th grade English

  • 5th grade History

Melanie Wixson

  • 3rd/4th grade Math

  • 3rd/4th grade Science

  • 3rd/4th grade English

  • 3rd/4th grade History

Lori Hancock

  • 5th grade Math

  • 7th/8th/9th grade History

  • 7th/8th/9th grade Science

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