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The Genesis of CHESS Academy

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In the beginning we were a Co-Op of Home Schooling Families.


Christian Home Education & Student Support, CHESS, began in 2006 when several Tiftarea homeschooling families decided to create a positive, Christ-centered environment where home schooled children could learn together in a classroom setting.  The CHESS Co-op began offering supplemental instruction in Music, Spanish, Latin, Art, and other classes to home schooled children at all grade levels.  The Co-op grew to include over 90 children. 

Next, CHESS Co-Op became CHESS Academy.


In 2009, several families within the Co-op created the CHESS Academy. The Academy developed a framework in which Tutors worked with children in grades 3-12 to study the subjects of Math, Language Arts, History, and Science, offering a truly unique and supportive learning environment for homeschooling children and families. The Academy is not intended to replace homeschooling. CHESS ACADEMY exists to assist and support families in giving their child(ren) a great education.

Groups meet three days each week, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, for 36 weeks each year beginning in late August, ending in late May, and taking holidays for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break.

Our goal is to offer our students a great experience at CHESS Academy so we try to create a loving, fun, and comfortable environment. To achieve this goal, we have seating limits in each of our blended classes.


The Academy in no way replaces homeschooling; it is only intended to assist and support your family in giving your child(ren) a great education.

CHESS continued to grow!


In 2020 CHESS Academy, Tifton, moved into First Baptist Church of Ty Ty (Tift County) where it continues to offer tutoring to children in grades 3-12.

In 2022, CHESS expanded by opening a Co-op in Fitzgerald (Ben Hill County).

In addition to our Ty Ty campus, starting in 2023-2024 we are excited and blessed to offer the CHESS Academy experience to children in grades K-12 at Christian Fellowship Inc., Fitzgerald (Ben Hill County).

We can't wait to see what the future holds!

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