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3rd & 4th Grade History

Wow, we have survived our second week of school. It has definitely been a different one with so many sick and in and out. We will get it all together next week maybe. Well, we have finished our second chapter of History. Now we know all about Christopher Columbus and John Smith. Make sure your child has read both chapters and answered all the Comprehension Checks. I believe they all did the first chapters. Just make sure they also do the ones on pages 23, 27, and 28 on John Smith. They only have to write the answers down on paper. Not the questions!

For Friday and Monday work please write the important words and important names at the beginning of the two chapters (page 3 and page 17) on paper or note cards so they can study them for their test. We will review it on Tuesday and take the test on Wednesday. Hope you all have a wonderful weekend and those who are feeling under the weather feel better soon!

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