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High School World History

September 30, 2022

Projects are due Tuesday.

You may deep dive into the way people lived during this time span…look at the dates in the chapters. That was what one person chose to do last year. This is where you could find foods or things like that if you wanted to do a cooking project.

Music came with dances…if you wanted to teach a dance.

Let yourself have fun with this project. These were people just like us. They played games, have favorite foods, loved music, enjoyed dancing, gossiped with friends, and anything else you can think of.

You may also take it from the scientific advances and choose a more academic approach to this project.

Just remember that you must do an oral presentation with a visual, a paper with a visual, or you may do a hands on an teach something to the class.

Contact me and let me know what you are doing so that I can make sure we have appropriate time.

Have Fun!

Mrs. Lynn


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