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Hiring at CHESS Fitzgerald!

CHESS Academy Fitzgerald is hiring Elementary (K - 6) Tutor positions. This is a great opportunity for retired teachers who still want to teach but have flexible hours in a Christian based classroom.

Contact Melanie Partlow 229-326-1563.

Daycare provided for Tutors (Fitzgerald campus only).

Certification preferred but not required.

Ty Ty, Tift County GA:

Christi Evans, Administrator


CHESS Academy Logo

Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County GA:

Melanie Partlow, Administrator


Christian Home Education and Student Support

CHESS Academy:
A Home School Tutoring Program 


CHESS Academy began in Tift County Georgia in 2010 and offers a three day-a-week program tutoring children in grades 3-12 for 36 weeks each year with the purpose of partnering with families in their Home School experience.  We are very excited to expand our offerings to Fitzgerald, Ben Hill County, beginning with the 2023-2024 academic year. Fitzgerald will embrace our early childhood children in grades K-2 in addition to 3-12. We begin in late August, end in late May, and take holidays for Thanksgiving, Christmas, and spring break. Both campuses meet Tuesday/Wednesday/Thursday each week.

We want our students to have a great experience at CHESS Academy so we try to create a loving, fun, and comfortable environment.  To acheive this goal, we have seating limits in each of our blended classes. We offer tutoring in Math, Language Arts, History, and Science for 3rd-high school.


The Academy in no way replaces homeschooling; it is only intended to assist and support your family in giving your child(ren) a great education.

Our Belief:


At CHESS we believe in the plenary and verbal inspiration of the Bible and seek to follow the Scriptures as God’s Holy Word and our infallible rule for faith and practice. CHESS Academy exists to help Christian parents train their sons and daughters in the nurture and admonition of the Lord, and to help those students whom the Lord sends to us come to a saving faith in Jesus Christ and to grow in their knowledge of His world. All subjects are taught on the basis of our firm belief that the God of the Scriptures is the Creator, Redeemer, Sovereign Sustainer, and Final Judge of all that exists. All subjects are taught with the understanding that all knowledge is from God and all truth is His truth. Nothing can stand in contradiction to God or His Word.

Our Philosophy:


We believe that CHESS Academy should provide an atmosphere wherein Christian morals and principles can be taught and practiced. To achieve this, we believe that the uniqueness of this academy lies in the integration of the biblical perspective in all academic subjects. A biblical view of God, man, and the world is the standpoint from which all subjects are taught. This means that we have Christian teachers presenting the so-called “secular” subjects from a Christian perspective. The division of knowledge into that which is sacred and that which is secular is artificial and unbiblical. As one Christian educator noted, “All truth is God’s truth.” We believe that all truth is to be understood within the context of a completely Christian worldview.


Our Goals:


To Teach Faith 

To teach students that God is the Creator and sustainer of the universe and of man; that the Bible is the only World of God and is relevant to every area of life; that Jesus is God’s only begotten Son; and that only through a relationship with Him can one receive His gift of eternal life; to equip students with A Christian world and life view based on biblical principles so that they may go into the world and impact it for God’s kingdom.


To Teach Responsibility 

To teach students to demonstrate fairness, kindness, courtesy, and honesty; to accept responsibility for their own actions; to discern clearly between right and wrong; and to accept their responsibility to share their faith through their words and actions.


To Achieve Academic Excellence 

To challenge students to achieve a high level of academic performance without undue pressure; to teach them to accept individual responsibility for their own academic progress; to teach students to work both independently and cooperatively.

Two Locations to Serve You

Ty Ty Location, First Baptist Church of Ty Ty

Ty Ty Campus

Grades 3-12

Christi Evans, Administrator



First Baptist Church of Ty Ty

157 North Church Street

Ty Ty, Georgia 31795


Fitzgerald Location, CFI

Fitzgerald Campus

Grades K-12

Melanie Partlow, Administrator




Christian Fellowship Inc. (CFI Inc.)

565 Perry House Rd.

Fitzgerald, GA 31750

A graduation counselor is on staff for both locations.


All Grades: $190/month for first child. Additional child $165 each. 

Individual Subject Area Classes: $65/month per child.

DNA Model
Fire House Field Trip
Classroom Activity
Basketball Fun
Cookie Decorating
Outdoor Learning
Graduation Day!

Enrolling for 2024-2025 at Fitzgerald Campus!

Call Melanie Partlow 229-326-1563

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