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9/1/23 High School Physical science

Complete the Metric System Test you were given in class on Tuesday

Complete the attached worksheet for defining your science fair project idea. If you have an idea I have already approved then only list that one and how you plan to build your experiment and what you will need to research. If you are still looking for an idea then list the two or three testable ideas and explain how you would build an experiment for each one.

State the Problem - Science Fair
Download PDF • 24KB

After you complete this page you must discuss with your parent and they must sign off on your ideas so that I know they are on board with whatever project I approve.

Begin reading Module 2 - pages 41 - 47 - take notes on each section and define the following vocabulary words for the Module

  1. Matter

  2. classification

  3. Element

  4. Atom

  5. compound

  6. molecule

  7. mixture

  8. solution

  9. solute

  10. solvent

  11. solid

  12. liquid

  13. glass

  14. density

  15. kinetic energy

  16. diffusion

  17. physical properties

  18. chemical properties

  19. conductivity

  20. malleability

  21. viscosity

  22. boiling point

  23. flammability

  24. reactivity

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