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Algebra 1 Due April 4

We are in the factoring quadratics chapter in our book! I'm sooooo excited! (I really am...)

I assigned p 406 from the book. Problems 1-34.

I also want you to watch two videos.

Take time to write down and work the problems. I want to see them on Tuesday!!!

Factoring trinomials (also known as quadratics)

STOP at 3:33!!!!!

STOP at 3:33!!!

STOP at 3:33!

It goes into more than I want to go for this weekend!!!!

Did I say to STOP at 3:33?!?

Don’t let the a and b example throw you at the beginning!!!!! It’s ok!

***Watch ALL of the video.

Only three class days left until our break. You're always asking for extra credit. Weeeelllllllllllll, if you're going to the beach for spring break, taking the math teacher would probably get you extra credit!! 😂😂😂

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