This is a very energetic group! Wow! They allll have precious hearts......

I did come down hard on them today.

I'm not wanting to get them into trouble at all. They have NEVER had me and didn't know my boundaries and limits. (uh, I remember pushing limits in school!!!) Well, they found the boundaries today!!!! MANY apologized on their own to me after class...I was proud of those. It told me a LOT about their character. (and I gladly accepted their apology.) There were some that weren't involved in the chaos...and there was no need to apologize.

Please give them a chance to start "fresh" with me on Tuesday. I really don't think I'll have this kind of problem again!!! (I'm a mama of 3!!!). As a parent/guardian, I would want to know. I WANT them to know that you know. I DO ASK that you give them next week to prove themselves. Part of teaching is the "life lessons" we learn along the way. (I personally prefer to stick to Math lessons!)

If you need to know more, please feel free to contact me. 229-256-1252.

Text first with your name and the students name, and I will get back with you as soon as I can!


I sent home a homework packet. The packets I send home need to be turned in the following Tuesday and WILL be graded. The packet will be a review of what we have covered. As the year lengthens, the packet will get a little larger.

Homework from the book:

p 27: 1-42 ALL. (I normally don't give that many problems.)

In saying alll of that, I DO hope you have a great weekend! I will definitely give an update next week!!!!

Linda Bell


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