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September 21 Grades 3/4

Spelling - Study for the test on list 5

Grammar - Worktext on the thesaurus and Chapter 2 review

Reading - Worktext sheet, read 30 minutes a day in a book of your choice

Math - 2 and 3 digit subtraction sheet and rename tens and hundreds to subtract sheet

Science - Read pp. 68-73, complete the comprehension check on pg. 73

History - We are wrapping up our study on the Pilgrims and Squanto. To culminate our studies I have assigned a creative project. This is a chance for them to showcase what they have learned. It is open ended, meaning they are free to do this anyway they would like to. Some of the options I went over in class were - drawing a picture, making a dish to share with the class that the Pilgrims and Indians would have eaten, making a diorama, researching a game they would have played and teaching us to play it, or whatever else their creative minds come up with.

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