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Kynnette James

Kynnette James

Age: 71

Family: I am blessed with a large family which includes my husband of 51 years, 4 children (all are married), 20 grandchildren (5 are married), and 6 great-grandchildren.

Pets: two unique cats - Patti and Marissa

Hometown: born in Ocala, Florida and have lived in Irwin County for close to thirty years

Hobbies: sewing, gardening, reading, bread baking

I’m curious about lots of things - it is according to when you ask me 😊

I’m pretty good at getting involved in lots of different projects. I enjoy teaching, creative sewing, crocheting, and bread baking as well as researching my current topic of interest.

I want to learn how to get more done in a short amount of time.

When I was young, my favorite subject was math.

My favorite scripture verse is Phil. 4:6-9 KJV

Enrolling for 2024-2025 at Fitzgerald Campus!

Call Melanie Partlow 229-326-1563

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