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Aimee Jenkins

Aimee Jenkins

My name is Aimee Jenkins. I have been married to my loving husband Joel for 24 years and we have 5 beautiful children. McKenna (married to Anderson and has given us a grandson Arthur), Olivia Noel, EmaMoore, Gunner and Grantham.

I’ve been homeschooling since 2012. I’ve graduated 3/5 children. Two of our daughters are currently at VSU. One is a stay at home mom and Gunner graduates this coming May.

I own a business J Jenkins Properties, LLC. It’s a small rental business I started 6 years ago.

Family is my top priority, always. The Lord has been faithful to our ever growing family. Currently I’m totally obsessed with my new grandson. 🩶

One of the core values within our family is honor. It will also be a core value within my classroom. Honor flows from the top down. I pray and hope to pull the gold out of the children I teach. They are worth far more than grades on a piece of paper. 🩶

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