We survived one week of Zoom!!!! I still haven't heard if we are meeting in person next week or not. IF we do NOT meet in person, we will zoom during our regular classes everyday.


P 242: 1-19 odd

p 246: 1-33 odd

p 252: 1-10 all

Check back to this same post tomorrow. I need to make a quiz and I will post it here. Give me until Lunch tomorrow. (I am meeting with some students on Zoom.)

Have a wonderful weekend! Stay safe and well!!!

QUIZ..... the Quiz is 3 pages. It's laid out a little weird because I added to it. #11 is the bonus question.

Then there is a hanwritten page AFTER that starting with #12!!! And Of course they are out of order!!! Ha ha!!! Ya'll can figure it out!!!!

Hope to see you Tuesday! No, I haven't heard anything definite yet.

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